We want to improve the Quality of Life for babies and young children in the slums of Bangkok.

Slum communities are formed through the migration of the rural poor into urban Bangkok who carry with them the belief that they will find jobs and better lives.  With nowhere to live, they build their homes wherever they find space.  Many find work, but this is usually unstable and underpaid.  Many are unable to break out of life in the slums.

Most communities are now long established, extremely crowded and deprived of all but the most basic provisions.  Children grow up without access to proper care, nourishment or basic education.  They are exposed to assault and abuse, both mentally and physically, in an environment where drugs and crime are prevalent.
By working with children up to 5 years of age, the Foundation acts early to help children avoid many of the dangers of growing up in such an environment.


These are the rights of every child.

Did not choose to be born
Born to this world
Did not choose to have
Life that is difficult
Did not choose to live
Without happiness in the heart
Did not choose to step forward
But life must go on
Slum child